Roundtable Discussion: Hologic

This roundtable discussion duration is 30 minutes.
This roundtable discussion is designed to offer attendees the opportunity to connect directly with Industry Professionals to ask manufacturer-specific questions and learn more about the latest trends including body composition for athletic performance and disease states, TBS and more.

Thomas L. Kelly, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist

Hologic, Inc.

For more than 30 years Tom has been a key member of the Skeletal Health R&D team at Hologic, developing a wide variety DXA applications for both clinical medicine and research. He concentrated his efforts on DXA reference data, pediatric densitometry, body composition, visceral fat assessment, small animal research exams, and other high resolution fan beam applications. He holds more than a dozen U.S. patents in densitometry and adjacent spaces and is perhaps best known as a co-developer of the T-score.

Matt Heinrich

Account Executive

Hologic, Inc.

Matt Heinrich is a seasoned capital account executive with extensive experience in musculoskeletal and DXA sales. He has a strong grasp of what customers are looking for and how to successfully integrate DXA into their businesses for maximum return on investment.

Susan van der Kamp, RGN CDT (Moderator)

Clinical nurse Clinical Nurse Specialist


Susan van der Kamp Susan van der Kamp RGN CDT graduated from St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (cum laude) in 1975 in which hospital in 1994 she formed part of a team that established a DXA service as part of a multi-disciplinary bone health service. Her role in scanning patients as a technologist was in combination with the setting up and running of a number of pharmaceutical clinical trials. Susan became co-director of the newly established DXA unit in 2005. In 2006 Susan conducted a national audit of DXA services in Ireland, which was pivotal in assessing the need for DXA standard setting across the island of Ireland. Susan set up bimonthly workshops in 2007 with 5 other DXA units in Dublin where DXA issues and bone health matters were discussed. Susan was part of the National Steering Group on the Prevention of Falls and Fractures in Ireland’s Ageing Population 2008. 2012 Susan established a paediatric DXA service. Susan set up a DXA fracture liaison service (FLS) in 2016 and became part of a multidisciplinary FLS group, comprising disciplines from orthogeriatric, orthopaedic surgery, emergency department, physiotherapy, occupational health, dietetics and nursing. This comprised of monthly meetings of the MDT group. In 2017 Susan set up ‘Capture the Fracture’ which achieved a bronze star. Her achievements in the fracture liaison service were recognised in Oxford, UK in 2018 through a top poster winning competition. The emphasis and high regard for practical quality standards in DXA scanning throughout Susan’s career has been demonstrated by winning a number of international awards as well as close communications with the providers of equipment for DXA scanning. She is particularly interested in precision studies to improve and maintain quality standards of which she has completed several in the course of her career. In 2020 Susan retired from public service. Since that time she is working in two private clinics providing DXA services. She continues to emphasise the necessity to maintain strict quality standards and is currently involved in leading a precision study in one of these units. In addition, she provides consultancy to (HSL) Hospital Services Limited in providing training to DXA scanning staff on Hologic installations throughout the island of Ireland. She is one of the founding members of the Irish DXA Society established in 2018 and as a current Board Member is involved in training courses and lectures for staff carrying out DXA scans in both private and public medical service. Recently the national Nursing and Midwifery Board has invited Susan to advise on training requirements for nursing staff involved in DXA scanning. Susan, as a DXA technologist for which she has won a number of international awards (2013, 2015, 2018) in summary is highly motivated and throughout her work in this area has demonstrated leadership at local and national level.

Disclosures: No relationships to disclose.

Joe Joyce

Human Performance Specialist - West

Hologic, Inc.

Joe Joyce is a Human Performance Specialist for Hologic. He has over 20 years of experience working with researchers, clinicians, wellness centers, and athletic teams related to body composition and bone density. He specializes in helping organizations develop and maintain body composition programs focusing on three compartment reporting – bone, fat, and lean mass.


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